The Server + The Sage

Julia Piantini

Freelance Writer



After quitting my job in the fall of 2018, I hit a fairly huge rock bottom. Though I had the support of my parents, I was deeply lost and depressed. At one point I tried starting a podcast (despite my aversion to technology). I was so excited by the idea of meeting and interviewing people I found to be inspiring. Yet I was always overwhelmed with the rest of the work a podcast came with like editing. While that particular medium did not resonate with me, I was in love with the people part, the discovering, the storytelling. Still unsure of what direction to take my life, I started writing again - mostly about my personal journey and all the random adventures I was taking myself on.

My experimenting with writing eventually led me to start reaching out to magazines for freelance opportunities. I wanted to write about health, wellness, travel and holistic living and was able to find a great home with The Fullest Magazine. Through them I’ve been able to write on a variety of topics and have been especially honored to work for women.

Knowing that there are always more opportunities to reach even more people, I curated this website with the intention of displaying both my personal and professional writing works.

Curious about the name? A sage is a guide, a member of the community who serves others through providing wisdom and lessons. While I don’t pride myself on being terribly wise, I do like to think I have a keen ability to see the wisdom in others. It is their (and sometimes mine) stories, lessons, hardships and triumphs that I have the privilege of, in turn, sharing with you.

Please peruse my website. For freelance and contributory inquiries, please visit my contact page.