The mind. An expert at stories filled with false truths, limiting beliefs and positively reeking of doubt. When you start paying attention to the reruns playing in your mind, it doesn’t take to that too kindly. The mind is not fond of relinquishing control over to your intuition. It is reluctant to play observer to the phenomenon that is life. It will do what it does best ... fight to survive. Clinging onto power for dear life, it will try to convince you that you are crazy. It will plead with you stop the silliness and go back to playing small. Small means safe. Small means it can keep you alive much more easily. But as powerful as the mind is, it’s really not too bright. The keeping you alive part more often than not actually keeps you from living. The mind can easily be swayed while the spirit is much harder to convince. The intuition we all possess does not understand the limitations, for limits cannot exist for something that is in constant expansion and unity with the universe. In that space lies only the possibility of truly endless creation. Living from there will alarm the mind initially but eventually it will temper. It will see that all is well. It will learn to trust you and to relax. Like you, it too will evolve and become your biggest ally in creating an incredible life. Wherever or whatever you are feeling called to do, lean in. Listen closely. The universe is reaching out to you.

Julia Piantini